Foot Gloves - Toe Shoes

Foot Glove

Bare “Ouch” Stand Out - The Foot Glove / Toe Shoes
by  DR /
The Foot Glove or Toe Shoes have envolved, stand out from the crowd 


Stand up and out from the crowd with the Foot Glove Toe Shoes. If you heard the reports or seen the rumors that running without shoes is suppose to be better for your foot and equilibrium, but wasn’t quite comfortable running without shoes, fearing:

a.)    The wear and tear on the bottom of your foot from sharp objects like glass, rocks, sticks etc. bare foot running problems - walking across glass

b.)    Maybe you feared that you could be the unlucky victim of a snake, spider, or insect bite, while running barefoot. Problems running without shoes or foot gloves - snake, spider, insect etc.

c.)    Possibly you fear and wonder what running without shoes in the heat or cold could do to your foot as you feel the continued deterioration and crumbling of your bottom sole. Can your feet stand up to walking or running on hot asphalt or a cold road without a bottom rubber sole to protect your foots bottom sole

d.)   Stepping in dog doodoo (STANKY!!!). Oh crap, your running barefoot and you step on dookey

e.)    Stepping on gum (sticky).

f.)     Aluminum cans.

g.)    Stepping on rusty nails causing you to get a Tecna Shot (OUCH!!!).  Run without shoes and you risk stepping on a rusty nail 


The nerve endings at the bottom of your feed are very sensitive, and the excess pounding into the ground your feet are force to witness is nothing short of “Feet Slaughter”. Blisters accumulating at the bottom of your foot, with the skin peeling away from the flesh, blood oozing out through the yellow pus, Ooh!! Yuck!! Nasty!! Any Body Hungry??


Where was I? Oh yeah! If you aren’t sure you could run in your barefoot, fear no more, The Elements of the Universe will now have to battle “The Foot Gloves”. No it’s not Big Foot / Sasquatch with big Gorilla like feet coming towards you, it’s Vibram FiveFingers -Weighing anywhere from 8 to 12 ounces, almost as light as a feather. These toe shoes have a cool tire like cuts in the grooves, helping you grip the wet road.


Improving your running technique, and feeling the sensitive readings your nerve endings are sending to your brain, and significantly reduce the unnecessary wear and tear on your body, particularly your feet, remember 26 bones are pounding the ground. Learn how to run more like a plane or a balloon, gliding or floating nice and smooth, easy and balanced. Foot Gloves look like a piece of tire rubber melted to your feet, at least you have the best of both worlds, by having a slight piece of rubber on the bottom of your feet we like to call The Foot Glove, and still be able to maintain feelings, sensation, signals at the bottom of your feet.


I have a selfish reason for wanting a pair of these foot gloves, besides the fact that I think they are pretty cool looking, I want them because they are different looking, meaning I will stand out from the crowd, drawing attention to myself without having to say a word, easily generating interest from other people, particularly ding ding ding - the opposite sex J,  retrieve a phone number, enough said. The way I see it, you will either look like you are in style or out of style, in the know or out of touch, smart or shallow, rich and ballzy or stupid and crazy, one thing for sure, it takes guts to be different, so get your swag on and get a pair of foot gloves. Foot Gloves - Toe Shoes

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